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"A Long Dream Has Come True " - CBSE CBSE Cluster VII Athletic Meet 2016-17


B.V.B's Kendra Tadepalligudem was established in June 1985. It is situated in Pedatadepalli, 8kms away from Tadepalligudem, on Nallajerla Road in a vast area of 46 acres of land. This vast campus accommodates courts for various games. A School is a vibrant community centre radiating life and energy all around.





“All work and no play make a jacks dull boy”. No education is complete without sports and games. Sports and games enable a child to be healthy, to be friendly, to follow rules and regulations, to develop team spirit and to concentrate on studies. The vast playground (14 acres) provides all students to play Cricket, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Hand Ball, Foot ball, Kho – Kho, Shuttle badminton, Throw ball, Tennicoit and all Athletics. Consequently every Child develops a sound mind in a sound body and helped Bhavanites to fare well in several meets – organised by government and non – governmental organizations.


Horse Riding

Horse riding is a traditional and Majestic item of sport. Bhavan's always moves according to the needs and interest of the Children. Children are very enthusiastic in this sport like the galloping horse. It is a thrill to ride a horse for some time every day. Horse Riding, the majestic, attractive and Charming sport has been added this year to the sports arena of Bhavan's. Many Children are interested and are enjoying this popular sport to their hearts-content.



...........Cluster VII Athletic Meet 2016-17




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